Daddy does it solo

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What does daddy do when he is horny and all alone ? He does it solo ofcourse..

These 4 hot british daddies shows us that jerking off isnt just for young people anymore - daddies everywhere loves jerking off and spewing their load even if there is no one around to play with.

Models: Henrey, Mark Willis, Richard Nootom, Sam West

Length: 67 minutes

Tags: solo

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Snapshots from scene 1
Scene 1: Granddaddy Jerks Off

Richard is no spring chicken but he still loves tugging on the one eyed bandit and with the help of his cock ring his cock stays very hard durring the entire session making it possible for him to blow a load of juice from his nice mature cock.

Models: Richard Nootom

Length: 22 minutes

Tags: solo

Snapshots from scene 2
Scene 2: Henrey Jerking Off

We invited Henrey over to show us his skills when it comes to jerking off and durring the scene he uses a wide range of grips and techniques on his dick, some of which we had never seen before or since!

Models: Henrey

Length: 15 minutes

Tags: solo

Snapshots from scene 3
Scene 3: Mark Blows His Load

Mark wanted to show us how to best provide a semen sample for your doctor and to make it a bit more interesting he even dressed up as a doctor and starts off by stripping down before going to work on providing his semen sample.

Models: Mark Willis

Length: 15 minutes

Tags: solo

Snapshots from scene 4
Scene 4: Daddy Blows a Monster Load

Sam loves playing in and with his underwear so half way through his jerk off session he wraps his boxers around his dick and jerks like a mad man before rubbing out one of the biggest natural loads i have ever seen.

Models: Sam West

Length: 14 minutes

Tags: solo

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